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Best 9mobile (Etisalat) Tariff Plans And Migration Codes In 2024

9mobile has gone through a lot of changes and with each change comes an upgrade on services and products. The once upon a time Etisalat, now 9mobile has some great and cheap tariff plans for her growing list of customers.

I have always been a strong advocate for affordable tariff plans, now glad that the network providers are now taking this seriously. The competition is getting fierce, which is evident by the number of works being done by each of the GSM networks.

Before I shoot on, let me come out openly to you. 9mobile has not been the most magnanimous when it comes to finding the best and cheapest 9mobile tariff plan. I have been more excited about 9mobile data plans than their tariff plans.

Notwithstanding, you will find something manageable on the new reformed 9mobile network. A clear reason why I believe this article will be all about all 9mobile tariff plans, their charges and migration codes.

Cheap 9mobile tariff plans and migration codes

9mobile TalkZone12k/secDial *244*8#
9mobile MoreTalk25k/sec on usage of N25 dailyDial *244*2#
9mobile Morecliq11.26k/sec after 1st 50k @ 25.6Dial *244*1#
9mobile Moreflex40k/secDial *344*amount#
9mobile Moreflex Plus45k/secDial *320#
9mobile Morebusiness 2.0Not AvailableDial the code of the plan
9mobile 9x Bonus40k/sec (Main)
60k/sec (Bonus)
Buy a new 9mobile sim
9mobile Cliqlite20k.48/s – 30.72/s after usage of N25.60Dial *244*10#
9mobile morelife complete11k/sec Dial *620*1# 

1. 9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan

Everyone deserves to make calls at a very cheaper rate. If you are the type that calls 9mobile numbers frequently, then 9mobile talkzone might be the best tariff plan for its unbelievable call rate.

As a Talkzone customer, you enjoy up to 80% off when you call 9mobile/Etisalat numbers. Do note that the charge fluctuates depending on the time and location. Talk more without paying any daily access fee on 9mobile TalkZone Plan.

Call charge on 9mobile Talkzone is charged at 12k/second. Customers are charged N4/sec for both offnet and onnet SMS. International SMS is billed N15/message.

How to migrate to 9mobile TalkZone

  • If you are not yet on 9mobile network, purchase a new 9mobile to get started.
  • Everyone is entitled to free migration every month. If you are yet to use your slot, you will be migrating for free.
  • Dial *244*8# to migrate to the 9mobile Talkzone tariff plan.

2. 9mobile MoreTalk Tariff Plan

Another wonderful 9mobile tariff plan that might be of interest to you is the 9mobile MoreTalk. This plan is not all about making calls at a very affordable rate but also provides you with some awesome benefits just to make you keep coming back for more.

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For just recharging N200, you get N300 back to call anyone on the 9mobile network. Recharge of N100 will also get you some value back which can be used to call anyone on your family and friends and free 10mb data. You will also be able to make use of the “receiver pays”

Call charge on 9mobile moretalk is also not bad. When you first initiate the calls, you are charged 40k/second but the call rate will drop to 25k/sec once you have used N25. For the rest of the day, you can call any network for just 25k/sec.

How to migrate to 9mobile Talkmore

Much has already been said about 9mobile talkmore, the next step is how to migrate to 9mobile talkmore.

  • Both new and old 9mobile customers can opt into the plan.
  • For new customers, dial 200 from your phone and reply with 1 to migrate.
  • Old customers can migrate to 9mobile Talkmore using the dedicated USSD code, *244*2#.
  • After the code dialling, you will receive a welcome message from the server.

3. 9mobile morecliq tariff plan

If getting a cool bonus is what matters to you based on your activities, 9mobile morecliq could do that for you. With 9mobile morecliq, enjoy up to 350% bonus when you top up your account balance.

The bonus will be divided into two, one can be used to call all 9mobile and the other for other national calls. The 350% is given when a recharge of N100 or above is made while you are on 9mobile morecliq tariff plan while 250% is given when your recharge falls below N100.

There is also a 100% data bonus when you purchase a data value between 50mb to 500mb. The bonus data can be used between 11 pm to 5 am.

Adding to that is a free 1gb data to browse when you use at least N700 every week. It can accumulate to 4gb free data in a month. You will also get a chance to enjoy social me plans. If you are an internet freak like me, 9mobile morecliq is the place to be.

9mobile will charge you 11.26k/sec after the first 50 sec of national calls charged 25.6k/sec, SMS charge is exactly how we expected it to be, it is N4/SMS for both offnet and onnet SMS and international SMS goes for N15.

How to migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq tariff plan

You can also migrate to 9mobile morecliq and enjoy all benefits attached to this plan.

  • To migrate to 9mobile morecliq, dial *244*1#.
  • You can check your bonus by dialling *545#.

4. 9mobile Moreflex Tariff Plan

9mobile moreflex is more of a bundle than a tariff plan, that does not really mean it can’t fall under such a category.
The 9mobile moreflex is another special prepaid plan that caters for voice calls, SMS, pay as you go services and internet browsing.

There are several benefits that come with being on 9mobile moreflex tariff plan, among them are 300% bonus when you purchase moreflex, free incoming calls when you roam 10 selected countries and additional 20% when you repurchase.

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Call rate to any network in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel and Glo is 40k/sec. Local SMS is charged N4/SMS and 0.002k when you browse with your data bonus. The validity ranges from 7 days to 30 days depending on your subscribed bundle.

How to migrate to 9mobile moreflex

  • To activate the bundle on 9mobile moreflex, you will need to specify the amount. It should follow this format *344*amount#.
  • Do note that you can opt-in and opt-out as much as you want without paying any migration fee.
  • To opt-out of 9mobile moreflex bundle, just dial *344*0#.

5. 9mobile Moreflex Plus Tariff Plan

Need something better than 9mobile moreflex, here is something better. 9mobile moreflex plus is a great tariff plan if you love staying on the web for long, it offers a better data bonus than the other and with great benefits for voice calls as well.

9mobile Nigeria charges 45k/second when you call any number in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel and Glo. SMS is N8/message while international SMS is billed at their standard rate.

How to migrate to 9mobile moreFlex plus

  • Migrate to 9mobile moreflex to enjoy voice and data benefits.
  • Dial *320# to migrate to 9mobile moreflex plus tariff plan.
  • To opt-out of the plan, dial *344*0#.

6. 9mobile Morebusiness 2.0 Tariff Plan

If you have got a great business going on or plan to have one, you need a tariff plan that is well suited and placed for small and medium enterprises. Businesspersons will always need to make calls. To do that effectively, you will need 9mobile Morebusiness 2.0.

With this plan, customers can enjoy unlimited add-on services like CUG, international call bundle, insurance plan, and chat pack.

They will also receive some support such as free add-on services which include some tips about business, SME arena business and 20 free SMS.

How to migrate to 9mobile morebusiness

  • This is a bundle plan, so you will need to get the code of the pack you want to purchase.
  • To migrate, simply dial the code of the pack and you will be immediately moved to the plan.

7. 9mobile 9x Bonus

This is about to get more interesting for those who favour bonus more. 9mobile is offering you 900% of all your recharge of 200 or above. It is split into two, 300% for data and the other 600% for voice calls/SMS. This bonus can be used for voice calls, SMS and surfing the internet.

9x bonus is actually not a tariff plan, but just a way that 9mobile is using to give customers more value on the network. Prepaid customers can activate this plan and enjoy great values. Airtel customers also get 1Gb + 3 hours free streaming when they dial *253*20#.

Customers on 9mobile 9x bonus prepaid plans are charged 40k/second for voice calls when they make use of their main balance. It is 60k/sec when they use the bonus account for voice calls.

How to activate/migrate to 9mobile 9x bundle

  • Get a new sim at any 9mobile experience centre near you or in your area.
  • Check if the seal is broken. Buy only if there is no sim pack has not been tampered with.
  • Register the sim and activate instantly.
  • Recharge N200 and you will get your 900% bonus.
  • Existing customers who want to migrate to 9mobile 9x bundle should dial *611*20#.
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8. 9mobile Cliqlite Tariff Plan

Do you have kids or know of anyone between the age of 8 to 15 years, who needs not just a tariff plan but one that can contribute immensely to their development?

I bring to you 9mobile cliqlite. You have seen something similar on MTN and Airtel. MTN mpulse and Airtel SmartTrybe Junior are no longer news in the country though.

9mobile cliqlite is a special package for Children to help them with learning and develop their knowledge light years ahead.
Your wards can get great benefits such as free SMS back when they send one, one-minute free voice call when they receive 5 minutes calls, free 10mb, free internet services to access educational materials and even much more.

As a Parent, you can use the whitelist and blacklist feature if you are not okay with some websites.

As a cliqlite subscriber, you can get charged @ 20.48k/s -30.72k/sec. Before you start making calls at such rate, you must have used up to N25.60 in the day with the charge being 40k/second.

Call to other 9mobile numbers is charged 30k/sec and 40k/sec for others. Local SMS is N4/SMS and international sent Message is billed N15/SMS.

How to migrate to 9mobile cliqlite tariff plan

Both new and old 9mobile customers can migrate to 9mobile cliqlite.

  • If you are yet to join, buy a new 9mobile sim, register and activate the sim.
  • Dial 200 from your 9mobile from the phone’s dialer pad.
  • Press 5 and you will be moved instantly to the new plan.
  • Old customers can dial *244*10# to move to the 9mobile cliqlite tariff plan.

9. 9mobile morelife complete tariff plan

I almost left out 9mobile morelife complete tariff plan, considering this is the plan I am currently on. This plan is such a beauty for great talkers on phone with some great benefits that come with the phone.

Customers can enjoy calls @11 kobo/sec to all networks in Nigeria including top international destinations & also enjoy 11GB at ₦3,000 after N5.12 daily access fee has been deducted for 20 days within a month. They will also get free incoming calls when roaming. To enjoy that, they must have recharge N5000 or more within a month.

In other words, for paying the daily access fee, you will be charged 11k/sec for calling any number in Nigeria on 9mobile morelife complete. Do note that you will not be charged fee on the day you do not make a chargeable call. Customers can also call some selected destinations at just 15k/sec.

How to migrate to 9mobile morelife complete tariff plan

  • There are two ways to migrate to 9mobile morelife complete; USSD and SMS option.
  • To migrate to 9mobile morelife complete tariff plan using USSD option, dial *620*1#.
  • Alternatively, you can text “1” to 620 for SMS option. 
  • Customers can confirm status by dialling *244*3#.

Which is the best and cheapest 9mobile tariff plan?

I have discussed to a great extent about the tariff plans on the 9mobile network. Every tariff plan stands out with each having its own attributes. I love the 9mobile 9x bundle but that does not mean everyone can use it, it is solely for new customers.

Morecliq will work better for those who want both worlds of data and voice calls. I could go on about each unique characteristics but we have to agree on the best and cheapest 9mobile tariff plan.

9mobile TalkZone is no doubt a great plan for voice calls but not without some limitations, among them is being restricted to only 9mobile numbers. After several thoughts with each craving to be cogent, I recommend the 9mobile morelife complete as the best 9mobile tariff plan. With the 9mobile morelife complete, you can make calls to any network at 15k/sec.

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