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Crediblebh Login – How to register and sign in on crediblebh

CredibleBH Login: Crediblebh stands for Credible Behavioral Health. The program aims to provide users the resources and tools to help improve the mental health of an individual, which largely deals with the connection that exists between the mind, health, and the body.

The login portal was developed for executives and clinicians to make the workloads less of a burden for them, so they can easily manage assessments, schedules, planning, records, reporting information, and more.

As an important stakeholder of Crediblebh, the work can become very overwhelming at times which now calls for a need to create an online platform with all the important resources that could help improve productivity and manage your time efficiently.

In this post, we will be providing the most important details especially how to register and login on to the web portal.

What is Crediblebh?

Crediblebh is a behavioral health platform used by employees, executives, or partners for the main purpose of managing information, documentation, and other things relating to their clients.

The software affords users the ability to document in an orderly manner and also flip page by page to access information about the client. It is also very quick to locate any file you want to recall and also track progress. There is no better way to make your jobs easier than getting an online platform like this, capable of providing a service that even the most elegant secretary will be jealous of.

With CredibleBH, you have the tools to be better than you are. From the day your client was slotted into the program to the discharge date, you will have a reliable platform that helps improve your approach to behavioral health during your session.

For years, CredibleHB has stayed true to the cause, by improving the quality of life in behavioral health. They are able to provide quality behavioral health technology aimed to improve the well-being of the clients through their extensive list of partners.

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Features available on Crediblebh

1. Scheduling of appointments and treatment planning.
2. Employees and Claims Management.
3. A worthy reminder software that does its jobs effectively.
4. An endowed platform that gives capabilities for Initial Assessments, E-Prescribing, and Medical Billing.
5. EMR/EHR, Single Provider Practice, Compliance Tracking, and more.

Benefits available for employees on Crediblebh

1. Credible Behavioral Health can provide the needed tools and resources to push your establishment towards optimum performance.
2. It is mobile-friendly, secure, and easy to set up even for new users.
3. The simplified online behavioral health platform is capable of removing day-to-day and longer issues that may arise during your practice.
4. Timely and friendly notifications to keep you and your team on track.
5. Access to over 70 training materials to help improve efficiency.
6. Assessment tools to make it easier for staff and employees to make helpful decisions.
7. Go live using the sophisticated tools and resources provided by CredibleBH to stay productive.
8. Reviewing of treatment planning using CredibleBH Plan or Tx plus, quality reporting, and compliant electronic billing.
9. View, edit, and update schedules of staff and clients right from the comfort of your station.
10. Users will be able to add and edit visits even when without the internet, and sync automatically when a connection is detected.
11. Maintain high standard details of all forms of records including allergies and medications.

What is Crediblebh login website?

The old is no longer what it used to be. However, Crediblebh login platform is still available for users to sign in for access to information and data.

CredibleBh webpage can now be accessed on From the site, you will be able to carry out activities and stuff you are familiar with on the old platform,

The new website contains important information as well as all the details you need to make use of the program.

Crediblebh login: How to sign in on

There are two ways to login, one as a partner via the Credible client portal and the other, log in on the Credible Partner Community Forum for sharing of information and constructive dialogue.

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To login on to any of the platforms, you will need to provide your correct login details created during the Credible registration. If you are yet to sign up for an account, we will provide you the steps to register your account via the Credible Behavioral Health Login Portal.

Once you have entered your username/email and password, you will click on sign in to gain access. This opens up a new page containing all the resources and tools needed for a perfect delivery. If you login to the forum, you might find the interface different.

Users should also be aware that by logging into the Crediblebh partner login page, they will be redirected to the old website link,

Alternatively, there are also crediblebh apps for Android and IOS devices such as iPhone and Ipad that you can make use of to login into your CredibleBH account. The links to download will be provided.

How to sign in as a Partner on the Crediblebh Login webpage

Partner consists of executives, clinicians, or employees. Below is the guide for the Credible Login Page:

  • Partners should visit and click “Menu Bar”
  • Tap “Partner Login”
  • Complete the fields by entering your username, password, and domain.
  • Click “Login”

If the Crediblebh login details are correct, you should be taken to your dashboard where you can manage your information.

How to register an account on CredibleBH

As an employee or customer, If you are yet to own an account on Credible INC, you won’t be able to login. Follow the below steps to sign up for an account on Crediblebh:

1. First, visit on your browser to get started.
2. Go to Menu and tap “Request a Demo”
3. Complete all the necessary details.
4. Click “Submit” to complete the CredibleBh account registration.

Forgot password for CredibleBH Login: How to restore/reset

If you have forgotten your password, you can restore or change to a new one by visiting the CredibleBh Partner Login Page.

To get your password back, go to and tap “Partner Login. Alternatively, you can visit the old website,

Click “Forgot Password” and then follow the online instructions to restore.

Credible Behavioral Health Forum Login

There is a section dedicated to sharing of knowledge and information on CredibleBH that partners can benefit from.

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All posts in the forum should be in the area of concerns such as behavioral health industry, Credible software, or learning opportunities. Users are also expected to behave accordingly especially when interracting with one another.

1. You can log in to the page by visiting the Credible Login Portal.
2. Go to Menu and then, Click Forum Login. Alternatively, enter on your browser
3. Provide your Login details – Email/Username and password.
4. Click “Credible Partner Community Forum Sign in” to login to the forum.

Credible Partner Community Forum Sign up – Crediblebh Registration

You need to have registered to access the forum. It only takes a few minutes to have your account registered on the page.

  • Get started by visiting or go to the Forum login page on
  • Go to “Don’t have an account? Create One” and tap “Create one”
  • Provide the required information.
  • Highlight “I agree to the terms of service”. If you have the time, you can read up the terms. But that won’t be necessary.
  • Tap “Register” to have your Crediblebh account ready for you.

How to access CredibleBH Login page via the Mobile applications

If you own an Android, Iphone or Ipad, you will be able to install the app for free from your phone app store. By using the app, it makes your jobs even faster as you will not need to slot in the correct CredibleBH website anytime you want to make use of it.

Also, once you have logged in using the correct details, it automatically saves your details so you won’t have to enter it again when you want to use the app again. Besides, it is a reflection of the website except that it is faster and smoother.

Below are the mobile app links to download the CredibleBH apps on your device:

Credible Behavioral Health Customer Service

If you have any issues or complaints you want to sort out, you can always reach out to Credible customer care for help. They are available to help out when you need them.

You can also visit them in their office. CredibleBH office address is 1 Choice Hotels Circle (11th Floor) Rockville, MD 20850. They can also be reached via phone call, the number to call is 301 652 9500.

And if you prefer to send an email, Crediblebh email address is

The fax number is 240 744 3086. Users can also get support through live chat.

By contacting Crediblebh via, you will be able to fill out a form along with your request which is delivered directly to their inbox.

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