Sites To Download Latest Yoruba Films

10 Best Movie Sites To Download Free Latest Yoruba Films 2024

Are you currently looking for the best movie sites to download free latest Yoruba films? We have the best 10 websites that will appeal to your exact search.

Fans of Yoruba movies are not secluded to the Yoruba tribe. In fact, we have a few Yoruba actors who are not Yoruba natives. Some are Igbos, Edos, Hausas, and from other tribes. Yoruba movies have heightened in their historical display and actions over the years and have therefore also increased viewership locally and internationally.

There are several movie sites that claim to provide Yoruba movies for free downloads but have been constantly irregular, displayed poor user interface, and laden with very annoying ads or redirected to unwanted areas. But we have taken the stress to prevent this experience for those with higher affinity for Yoruba movies by curating the best sites to download free latest Yoruba films.

The credible websites revealed on this article will help you to download your favorite movies. So, let’s dive in if you are ready.

1. GLTrends

GLTrends is an excellent platform with carefully picked contents all around their very appealing site. This makes it easy for users to navigate around the site to get whatever they want fast. The free contents covered on the website includes Movies, Music, TV series, Comedy, Technology, Fashion, Sports, Politics, and Education.

Music lovers can also find lyrics to their favorite songs and DJ mixtapes. Latest Yoruba movies are numerous too. And they are top quality contents with intense and tough contents that will keep you glued to your screens. You may also choose to stream the movies as you wish.

Some really nice Yoruba Movies you’ll want to look out for on the site include Waduwadu, Ifarada, Kakanfo 2, and Olorun Osebi 2.

2. Netnaija

Netnaija is a popular website that provides users with free and latest Yoruba films. This website has built a credible name in the industry over the years and you’ll find favorite old movies and even the most recent ones on it.

Some interesting Yoruba movies are Odale 2, Odutela, Kankafo 2, Maami ati Emi, Ojo Nbo, Baba Oba 2, Oko Bange, Shekinah 2, and Omo Meji among several others are already available.

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Video categories you’ll find on the platform include Music videos, Comedy videos, Foreign music, Gospel, Tech, Nollywood, Sports, Entertainment, and series. The site also has a very attractive interface that makes it easy to discover great movie options for your relaxation hours.

3. YouTube

YouTube does not take the third position in this thread. In fact, the website is a lead movie site for downloading all kinds of movies and especially Yoruba films. With its estimated 2 billion users around the globe, YouTube is an unchallenged video giant.

The platform is updated like no other, with a wide range of movies, videos, and TV series. Yoruba movie lovers will not only find these interesting, but also replete with beautiful life lessons. You can discover movies by using the search bar and also navigating through the trending options.

You can also search by using actors’ names and titles. But then, ensure to subscribe to channels you find interesting to get more Yoruba movies. There are a few channels where movie producers specifically upload their own movies for free downloads. These channels include Yorubahood, Okiki TV, Apata, and Yoruba Plus. The videos can be accessed using desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

4. Naijaolofofo

Naijaolofofo is a complete entertainment website where users can get entertained with multiple movie channels. You’ll find movies such as Iyawo Alhaji, Monsuru Akeeke, Oriki Meji, Kankafo, Ajifowope, and also others like Kaagaz, The flood, American Dream, and several others.

Many consider this website a content website as it also provides articles that covers multiple topics around the Nigerian state. However, if you need the best sites around to download free and latest Yoruba films, then Naijaolofofo is a place to consider. Simply enter in the name of your desired movie in the search bar to have it provided.

You may also go through the available categories for your search and discover other interesting films too. Funke Akindele, Odunlade Adekola, Ibrahim Chatta, Muyiwa Ademola, and many other A-list Yoruba actors are featured in the movies you’ll find.

You may also want to consider comedy skits, music, and other fascinating videos to make your free time worth it.

5. Nollyland

Nollyland flaunts as Africa’s first World-Class Movie Platform. It is the creation of a team of tech and entertainment enthusiasts who consider making home-grown movies and shows easily accessible by their lovers.

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The website is replete with countless Ghanaian, Ghollywood, Nollywood, and other African movies which can be accessed through one account. The platform is conspicuously a World-Class Movie platform where you can enjoy Adaptive Video Streaming, Automatic movie bookmarking to help continue your favorite movies on a different device.

You also have access to a Watch List for your personalized choices, intuitive Searching and Categorization, and also timeline thumbnails that makes it easy for you to skip to a different scene in a movie you are watching.

If you’d also love to promote and earn from contents on this site, there is the Nollymax Technology Limited which is a sister company to Nollyland that makes that possible.

6. IbakaTV

IbakaTV has a focus to provide Africans with pure local entertainment contents. Users are allowed to download their favorite videos from their wide range of nice and latest Yoruba movies. In fact, this website is one of the biggest online catalog of Yoruba films. They currently boast of more than 10,000 hours stream movies and shows on-demand.

You can stream and download countless Yoruba and other Nollywood blockbuster films on devices such as tablets, computers, and TV from anywhere and at any time. The site is subscription based with a 14-day free trial for prospective users.

IbakaTV has a wide range of plans for users. Monthly plans go for N2000. Quarterly plans go for N5000. Bi-Annually plans go for N12,000, while Annually plans go for N20,000. They all come with an initial subscription of 20% which can also be cancelled at any time you wish.

7. 9jarocks

9jarocks is a simple and easy-to-use platform with countless Yoruba films and a series of other entertainment. You’ll have access to recent and nice movies that will be worth your time.

Categories provided to access their wealth of contents include Nollywood Movie, Nollywood TV series Hollywood Movie, Hollywood Tv Series, Music, Entertainment Gist, Music Videos, SA Music, A-Z list, and How To Download.

The website has movie genres that covers Drama, Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi, Family, Comedy, Animation, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, War, Adventure, Western, Documentary, Crime, History, and Biography.

Some of their recently uploaded movies include The Fourth Party, The Grudge (2020), Plight, The Escort, Bad Ideas, My Wife, My Life and Nse. They have loads of Yoruba movies and many others to choose from for your free time.

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8. StagaTV

StagaTV is another appealing site with movies from different parts of the globe. The site uploads the latest Yoruba movies, Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, and others. The available features on the site include subtitles to English movies, Yoruba movies and trailers for ‘Coming soon’ movies.

The site also projects K-dramas, Korean movies, Dual-Audio, and TV series. As a user, you can decide which format you want your movies to come out in before downloading them. You can select 3gp, 144p, Mp4, 720p, 1020p, and others.

StagaTV has good speed and provides a nice experience to users. The platform is loaded with annoying ads that can distort user experience. Aside from discovering movies through the provided categories and tags, you can also make use of the search bar if you already have a Yoruba movie title in mind.

Some of the newly uploaded Yoruba movies already available on the site includes Olokiki Oru 2, 77 Bullets 2, Ajeniyonu, Ololufe 2, Misguided, Mr Smart, Wasted, and My Wealth. However, movies are regularly being uploaded, and you can always revisit for new uploads.

9. IrokoTV

IrokoTV has become one of the most popular online platforms to download Yoruba films and other homegrown contents.

IrokoTV is constantly being updated with fresh Yoruba movies before they get anywhere else, this makes the platform a more preferable place for lovers of Yoruba movies. It is appealing and easy to navigate through using diverse kinds of devices.

The website is subscription based but allows a period of trial. Subscription starts at N10,000 per month to access thousands of movies and series on all your devices. You can also choose to cancel your subscription at any time.

If you subscribed using a credit card and want to cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account on the website, navigate to where the “Subscription” tab is located on your profile, and click “Cancel” in the “plan” section.

10. Amonpointv

Amonpointv is a simple and great website to download free latest Yoruba films. The Yoruba movies are displayed in the order of their uploads. You can also make use of a search bar to do a quick search of your favorite movie.

This site is easy to use. They specifically have a Yoruba Portal category that makes it easy to have the movie options in it. Other categories include Music, Video, Sports, and Comedy.

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