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Glo Amebo: Enjoy 500% on every recharge & how to activate

I am sure you must have been hearing a lot about Glo amebo as it is one of the most advertised Glo products. When you open up your favourite blog or other media platforms, chances are you will come across several ads formats on Glo Amebo.

There is no doubt that it has lived up to expectation when we look at comments and testimonies from people. Glo amebo is another way you can talk much longer on calls. If you have not been excited about some Glo tariff plans which I might find it difficult to believe, then it is time to try Glo amebo.

Glo amebo is an offer by Glo Nigeria that gives customers 5x the amount they recharge. Think about what you can achieve with just a recharge of N100 and above using a channel that never seems to run out of juices.

Business owners will also find it very beneficial to their business. Instead of depending on regular Glo tariff plans, why can’t you switch to Glo amebo, this helps you save some part of income which could mean something when you are calculating your running cost and revenue.

Glo amebo is here to stay and you too can become part of the clans that are enjoying a 500% bonus when they top up their Glo phone number any time and any day.

How does Glo Amebo work

Let me start by telling you that Glo Amebo is not a tariff plan, but just another offer tailored just for you to enjoy greater value on the Glo network.

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On every recharge made using the Glo Amebo recharge code, you get 500% of the value of the recharge. The 5x value can be used to call any network (local and 5 selected international destinations) with the validity of 14 days or 30 days depending on how much was recharged.

The selected international destinations are Canada, UK, USA, China and India. The other countries will be charged as applicable and applicable charge will be deducted from your Glo main account.

To get the 5x bonus from Glo Amebo, you should top up using the Glo physical card and then dial the Glo physical recharge code.

Benefits of Glo Amebo

  • New and existing prepaid customers will get a 500% bonus on recharge.
  • Call anyone in Nigeria with the bonus and make calls to 5 selected countries.
  • The bonus can also be used to send text messages and for browsing the web.
  • Enough time frame to make use of your amebo recharge bonus.
  • Any recharge you make using Glo amebo recharge code will increase the entire airtime balance in your 5X account.
  • Customers will be able to receive the bonus on every recharge by using Glo amebo code with physical recharges.
  • Being on Glo Amebo does not result to change in current tariff plan, however, charges might differ.

Charges on Glo Amebo

Customers on Glo Amebo will call all local networks at 60k/sec while calls to selected international destinations at the same charge.

SMS to all networks in Nigeria is charged at N20/SMS. If you use the Glo Amebo bonus to browse the internet, you will be charged N5/mb.

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As long as you still have the bonus obtained using the Glo amebo code, this will be your charge anytime you make calls, send messages or use the internet. Upon exhaustion, the system refers back to your default tariff plan charge.

Analysis of call rate on Glo amebo

Here is an illustration about call rate on Glo amebo. To understand it, I will be using a smaller recharge denomination, N100 Glo recharge will be fine.

When you load N100 recharge using Glo amebo code, you will get 500 in return which is the 5x value.

0.60 multiply by 60 will gives us 36. This means we will be spending N36 for one minute call. If we are planning on making 10 minutes call using our amebo bonus, we will spend N360 and we will still have N140 left in our bonus account.

How to get Glo amebo bonus

  • To activate or migrate to Glo Amebo, buy a physical recharge pin.
  • Open your phone’s dialer pad and dial *555*Glo Recharge Pin#.
  • For instance, if your glo pin is 363846849420, you will dial *555*363846849420#.
  • You will receive a 500% bonus upon successful recharge.

How do I check my Glo amebo 5X balance

  • To check your Glo amebo balance, go to your phone’s dialer pad.
  • Dial #555*5# and you will instantly receive your balance.

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