How to check glo number

How to easily check your Glo number in Nigeria

Globacom Nigeria, one of the leading GSM networks in Nigeria provides you with different ways to check your Glo number.

It is not difficult to understand why they are doing all they can to ensure that Customers have access to quality and timely self-service. Such a move is definitely one of the ways of warming into the hearts of many Nigerians.

You would be surprised to know that most people, especially New Glo Customers often find it difficult to remember their Glo numbers when asked. It is not actually peculiar to them, I also found myself in such positions years ago when I got my Glo number. Luckily for me, I have unearthed different ways I could look up my Glo phone number.

When you are in such a tight position, how do you know your Glo number or check your Glo number especially when you do have your Glo sim pack again? This post will ensure you are provided with easy ways to know your Glo number.

Why you might need to check your Glo number

  • When you suddenly bulged into a family or friend you lost her contact. Then comes a need to exchange phone numbers.
  • Another scenario is when completing information online and there is a need to provide your Glo phone number in the space provided.
  • An issue cropped up and you need to lay down a complaint to Glo customer care via email or social media. You will need your Glo number.
  • To help complete documentation in Govt establishments, private establishments and other related ones.
  • When there is an urgent need to provide your Glo phone number to an acquaintance or someone you met.
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How to check Glo number

1. Call another number via your Glo number to know your Glo number

This has always been one of the easy ways to know your Glo number. The good thing about this method of checking your number is that it comes with no charge. All it takes is to find another phone and you are good to go.

To check your Glo phone number, ask the owner to provide you with his or her own phone number if it is not yours, you will now dial the number on your GLO sim. As soon as you initiate the call, your Glo number will appear on the other line. This is the simplest way to check your number.

2. Checking your Glo number using a USSD code

Another way to reveal your Glo number is through USSD code. The use of USSD code provides you with an easy way to check your Glo number by entering some codes into your pad.

To know your Glo number, follow the below steps:

  • Dial *777# and wait for the list.
  • Reply with 4 (Tariff plan).
  • Reply with 3 to get your Glo phone number.
  • You will also receive a message containing the number.
  • You can also dial 777*# to check your Glo number.

3. Another method to know your Glo number is via the assigned number

This is my most preferred way of checking my phone number on the Glo network, the assigned number is almost similar to the code used to check balance.

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With such an easy to remember numbers, it will be easier to check Glo number anytime and any day. Understand that this technique comes in voice calls format.

Dial 1244 from your phone’s pad, and wait for the voice calls. An assigned receiver from the Glo network will voice out your Glo number.

4. Texting a friend to know your Glo number

Remember, I recommended that another way to know your Glo number is calling your friend or family’s number from your own number. Texting a friend or family is another alternative to check your Glo phone number.

How do you achieve this? It is pretty simple, inform a family or friend that you will be sending a random message to their phone. After sending, you will be able to copy your Glo mobile number. If they are not with you, you could make an arrangement with them.

5. Visiting the Glo’s website also reveal your Glo phone number

When you use an internet-enabled device, it gives you more freedom and flexibility to do much more than a non-internet-enabled phone. Most internet-enabled phones do get extra attention during their production, you can expect the hardware to be more.

If you are using a very low-end phone for checking via the website, you might encounter issues. When I mentioned the low-end phone, I was all about push-button cell phones. These phones normally do not have the capacity to take on some sites, so you might have difficulties with loading them up.

For better results, smartphones always perform better. Let us quickly go to how to check your Glo number via Glo’s website;

  • Ensure you have your internet connected to Glo network.
  • Switch on your Glo data.
  • Open your browser, opera and chrome will do just fine.
  • Enter on the browser.
  • Your Glo phone number will be displayed at the top right corner of your website.
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6. Call customer care via their official number

If it looks like none of the listed methods appeals to you, a Glo customer care representative might be what you need to get your Glo number. They are available any time of the day to speak with you even in issues like this.

To know your Glo number, dial 200 or 121 to speak with a Glo agent. They will surely help out.

Note: Other networks like MTN Nigeria, Airtel and 9mobile also have various ways you can check your number.

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