How to erase facebook search history

How To Erase Facebook Search History

Facebook keeps record of everything you do on the platform just like most sites too. They save your entire search history! But you can clear this to protect your privacy even when an unauthorized login happen. Read further to discover how to erase Facebook search history.

Facebook hides your search history behind multiple menus that you are not likely to take quick notice of. They use your search history to improve on your searches. So, if you are constantly searching for items related to health, Facebook will provide you these options as results first. But then, you may wipe out your search history if you wish.


If you are using Facebook on the web or computer, follow the steps below to take action on your search history.

Log in to your account through their website You have no search history if you have no account.

After logging in, you’ll be welcomed by your news feed. Click on your profile page through your profile picture.

Locate your activity log button on View Your Activity Log. Since you are using a web browser, you are likely to find the button on the right side.

In the menu on the left side, you’ll find Photos and videos, Likes and Reactions, and Comments. Go to More.

The menu would expand to reveal all filters. Then, select Search history.
You’ll discover a full list of all your searches since you began using Facebook. Each of the searches have an Edit button. Click on it, and click Delete.

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With this, you’ll need to take your time on what exactly you want to remove or not from your search history. But if you feel the entire search history should be wiped out, then, you can do it in one easy click.
Click on the Clear Searches button, and that’s it!


How to erase facebook search history

Almost everyone uses the Facebook app, and it is very likely you do too. To delete your Facebook search history through the app, simply open it, and log in if you haven’t already.

Click the “search icon” located at the top right corner of your screen.

Delete individual entries by selecting the provided icons Next to each. The icons appear differently on Android and iOS. Android devices are likely to show an ‘X’, while iOS may reveal an arrow.

If you think every facebook search history should be gone at once, click “Edit” at the upper right corner.

Click on Clear searches and proceed to confirm.

Alternatively, Select Filter at the top of the screen on Activity Log Page. You can filter either by categories or by dates.

Find Search history and choose items you want to delete. You can delete them by dates or categories.

However, Facebook has warned severally that deleting this data in totality would affect how they are able to provide you improved results on your searches. But then considering issues that were raised around their privacy policy, this may not be a bad thing to consider.

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