on demand korea review

OndemandKorea Review – Best Streaming Site For Korean Dramas?

OndemandKorea Review

I am beginning to lose count of the many times I have posted on movies downloading from top sites, mostly about Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Unfortunately, I have not been able to cover much ground on Korean movies sites.

In consideration, I will be giving a review on OndemandKorea and how you can install the dedicated app into android, ipad and iphone.

Aside from the popular dramafire that is currently ranking high on the search engines which I have written about, Ondemandkorea is another great recommendation that every Korean drama lover should try out.

Ondemandkorea is a streaming site that gives you access to download Asian series, korea dramas and TV shows. It is arguably the biggest Asian movies merchant as it has several contents lined up for lovers of the industry.

What is more? You can watch your all favourite korean dramas in HD when you subscribe for the service. It is at no cost when you watch your favourite korean dramas on this platform.

No registration or sign up required before enjoying the services that On demand korea offers but you wont be free from ads except you are ODK member.

My First Impression of OnDemandKorea

Right from time, I have always been a lover of great movies especially if they are korean movies. I love my hollywood and bollywood too but there are something about korean dramas that makes you want to stay glue to the screen.

Was it the passion that their movies never cease to produce or the never ending story of friends turned foes who are in love with one innocent and delicate beauty. I could say i stumble on ondemandkorea by chance while on ultrasurf.

A click on the link pointed me to the homepage which is enough to let me into what I want to know, as the array of movies just fill the screen. You will find it difficult to choose if you want to go by random because there are so much .

I was even more astonished about their designs and expertise on the site aside from trying to find which korean dramas they do not have. After a while I gave up as their contents are probably second to none.

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It is even more sweet that you can request for contents by contacting help@ondemandkorea.com and ask them to provide update concerning a drama you have seen the adverts or read about.

There have been few sites like viki, dramafever and kdrama who are doing all they can to suppress them but Ondemandkorea seems to always have the edge.

It is not even the fact that they have no legal issues that make them stand out but the quick updates fix they are known for

While moving around the page, I was allowed to change the video quality to a mode I preferred which looks reasonable to me especially if you want to save some data.

In case you are wondering how they are making money when they offer free streaming of contents as well.

One of their streams of income is through ads. Users with free membership will have to accept ads being showing occassionally while enjoying their favourite korean dramas and TV series.

As a site that is never shy away from telling anybody how legal they are, I would suggest you getting their app which is available on Android, Iphone and Ipad. It is fully responsive and easy to navigate compared to being tied with browser.

OndemanKorea Not Available In your Country? Try this (Solved)

What I did not tell you on my first impression was that the video was barred from playing due to my location.

I was unable to get the app from playstore. The message i received was, “this item is not available in your country. I had to employ the expertise of a VPN.On demand korea android apk

When I said the expertise of VPN, I was not really referring to a person but an already built VPN app. VPN has a way of making bypassing even the strictest of barricades.

On my phone, you will find ultrasurf and windscribe but I always prefer the windscribe because it allows me to choose whichever country I want to be no matter which part of the world I am. Sounds cool? Yeah, I know that.

I do use ultrasurf too but the downside is that you have no preference on connection, you are automatically switch to a location.

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Benefits ODk members have over Free Users.

As one that has the odk membership, yoy can watch all contents without that annoying ads everyone hates.

Free users will have to wait a while but as odk members, you can have the site updated with great movies within an hour.

Access to Full High Definition (HD) plus unlimited access to movies when watching contents on Ondemandkorea. Free users can watch in video quality of 234p, 360p, 540p and 720p.

Features of OndemandKorea korean drama site

  • This is a legal site to watch or download movies. You wont be breaking any law by using the streaming site.
  • On demand the Korean app is available for Android, Iphone and Ios users.
  • Quick updates on the site or app after broadcast.
  • There are diverse ways to make a search. You can search using most recently updated, genre or by a-z, popularity.
  • Several genres to choose from too. Among them are variety shows, drama, religion, women, documentaries, etc.
  • Subtitles available in English and Korean Language. On the app, you can also switch to any of the languages as a mean of communication
  • The streaming site is only available for people in north and south America. If you really want it like everyone, a good VPN might grant you access.
  • It is free to watch your favourite tv shows or series on this platform. You don’t necessarily need to pay but there can be restriction to which movies you see
  • ODK members can pay as low as $0.99 for unlimited access to your various shows.
  • No sign up or registration required except you find the need to convert to ODk member.

OndemanKorea Android App For Download

Android users who love korean drama cant afford not to have ondemandkorea app on their phone. It makes it more easy to use the site.

  • To download, go to playstore or click here
  • When you are on playstore, you just need to type Ondemandkorea on the search bar and it will bring out the result.
  • Install the android app and start enjoying trending and latest Korean drama.

Download OndemandKorea app on your Ios (Ipad & Iphone)

Apple fanboys are not left behind, they can also enjoy access to a variety of contents on OnDemandKorea by downloading the ios app on their smartphone.

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To enjoy that great and cool korean drama, simply click on this link or search on your apple store.

ODK membership subscription fees

To enjoy these great bountiful offers on ondemandkorea, you will choose between these payment options.

The payment options on ondemandkorea are

  1. Odk Premium
  2. Odk Plus
  3. ODK Free membership

Odk premium offers you access to every content on the site with no disturbing ads to ruin the moment. The view mode is also in high definition (HD)

It comes with about 3 options to choose from. Which are daily, monthly and yearly package.

The daily option only gives you access for 24 hours. It is a one time payment and does not come with auto renewal like the rest. The daily subscription fee costs $0.99.Ondemand premium membership for 24 hrs

The monthly membership fees (ODK Premium) is $10.99 and it is available for 30 days. When you choose annual membership fees, you pay $9.99 per month multiply by 12 will give you $110.04. Odk team in their generosity charges 109.99.Ondemand premium subscription fee

Odk Plus is a bit different as you only enjoy plus contents unlike ODK premium. It also comes with ads and available in HD. The monthly subscription fee is $6.99 while the annual payment is 69.99.On demand korea plus annual

Lastly but not least is the free membership which is at $0, meaning at no cost. As they said, “the good things of life come free.”

The downsides are occasional ads popping up while watching your movies and no access to plus or premium contents.


I can give a vote of confidence on ondemandkorea. By the time you have spent some quality time on the site either through the use of browser or app, you won’t need another again links again.Ondemandkorea membership benefits & features

They have only been around since 2012 and they have already surpassed their competitors, added to that is that they have the most subscribers which could go as much as 50 million or more. It was reported in 2017 that they have 18 million subscribers monthly.

Nothing is entirely perfect though, it is evident here also, there is no comment section to judge how interesting a movie is. The rating system can stand in gap anyway.

Another thing to point out is that users on free membership do not have much choice as most of the movies require you join ODK premium or plus. If you really want it more, then you might need to get your money out and make that expensive subscription.

Despite all that I tried to point out, you may never find a better streaming site like OndemandKorea. It is pretty cool, well stocked and smooth.

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