Airtel smart recharge 10x bonus

Airtel Smart Recharge 10x bundles – Charges, Subscription codes + Benefits

Airtel smart recharge 10x bundles is a plan that gives 10x of the value of your recharge. Customers who use this service will receive enormous value both in voice calls and data.

This plan is one of the ways Airtel Nigeria is giving back to society. Think of what you can do with a 1000% bonus to be used for what you love doing – that loved ones you want to spend longer time with on phone, that business deal you want to clinch, that research you need to complete as soon as possible or whatever you want to do, Airtel smartrecharge has got your back.

Airtel 10x bundle is otherwise known as Airtel SmartRecharge.

How does Airtel Smart Recharge work

This plan works almost the same way as Airtel 6x bundles, although with some few differences. With Airtel SmartRecharge, you can get 10 times the value of your recharge when you load using *220*Recharge Pin#. When you recharge with N500 or N1000, you will get extra data value.

A customer who recharges N100 using the dedicated code for smart recharge 10x get N500 for voice calls, N500 for data, altogether amounts to N1000 value and with a validity of 3 days.

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An N200 recharge using *220*Voucher Pin# will get you N1000 for voice calls and N1000 for data. Validity is 7 days.

It gets better when you recharge an N500 recharge voucher, this will give you N2000 for voice calls and N6000 to browse the internet. Validity will be 14 days.

Customers also get extra data when they load N1000 recharge using a dedicated code, 2500 for voice calls and N15,000 for data.

airtel smart recharge

The benefit of Airtel Smart Recharge 10x bundles

  1. Talk as much as you want on Airtel SmartRecharge 10x bundles.
  2. Customers can recharge multiple times using the dedicated code.
  3. Unused bundles can be rolled over provided a customer buys another Airtel smart recharge bundle.
  4. Customers still remain on their tariff plan even when they activate or subscribe to smartrecharge bundles.

Call charges on Airtel Smart Recharge 10x bundles

Call charges are a bit on the rise but one could find comfort in the 10x bonus given for each recharge. This is a tradition among the network providers in Nigeria, enjoying great bonus means you will have to pay more. What is important is that you have enough value to compensate for that.

Airtel Nigeria charges N50 per minute. When calculated in second, a customer is charged 0.83. Not cool you will say but think of how many calls you can make with the awesome bonus offered.

For browsing the internet, a N20 will be charged for using 1 MB.

Calculations for call charges on Airtel SmartRecharge 10x bundles

Let us illustrate using the lowest recharge voucher available on Airtel Nigeria. When you recharge using the Airtel Smart Recharge code, you will get 500 for voice calls and 500 for data.

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To understand how much value you will be getting for making voice calls, we will divide 500 by N50 which will give us 10, therefore, customers will be able to make 10 minutes of call when they recharge N100 through the smart recharge.

How to subscribe or activate Airtel Smart Recharge 10x bundles?

  1. All prepaid customers on Airtel have access to Airtel SmartRecharge.
  2. To activate Airtel 10x bundles, you will need to buy a recharge pin in any denomination.
  3. Dial *220*Recharge pin# and wait for a confirmation message.
  4. Alternatively, dial *234*7# to select your preferred bundle.
  5. Check your Airtel smart RECHARGE balance by dialing *310#. It will be displayed on your screen.
  6. Customers can start calling anyhow, stream anyhow, and download anyhow on Airtel Smart Recharge.

Is Airtel Smart Recharge a tariff plan?

Airtel smart recharge is not a tariff plan. When you activated or subscribed to any of the bundles, you do not lose your tariff position.

Even when on the bundle, you can still migrate to any of the Airtel tariff plan for free within 30 days. Subsequent ones within 30 days attract an N100 fee for each.

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